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​Local seasonal flowers can add the perfect touch to an event, anchoring it to a moment in time. We supply weddings, baby showers and other special events with our fresh cut flowers by the bucket. They are filled with a beautiful variety of flower types, colours, shapes and textures reflecting the season. You'll get the best blooms that are at their peak at the time of your event so that you can put together your own stunning arrangements.

Buckets contain 55-70 stems and are available as:

  • "Farmer's Choice" colours - flowers in a colour palette that the farmer believes are at their best on that day, a beautiful surprise for you. $115.00

  • "Your Pick" colours - for those with specific colour schemes in mind. $128.00

Flowers by the bucket are available between July 13th and September 30th for 2023. Occasionally some availability outside these dates may be possible, contact us for more information. Our minimum order is two buckets. We supply a limited number of buckets every week so book your date as soon as you can to reserve your flowers. Flexibility is required as Mother Nature plays a role in what is in bloom on your chosen date and we are unable to guarantee any specific flowers. Some items (ie foliage, dahlias) can be ordered separately by the bunch to add on to your buckets when available, just ask us!

Don't want to do it all yourself? Get in touch and we can recommend florists who work with our blooms.

Check out our FAQ, Tips and Tricks and Is it right for you? resource here.

More pictures and video tours of our DIY buckets are posted on our instagram story highlights here.

Ready to order? Email us with your date and desired type and amount of buckets!

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